Topics in Information Overload.



Digital Print. Custom Software. 90cm x 270cm

Cutlog, Paris, France. October 24-27, 2013. Special thanks to Fragmental Museum, New York.

In anticipation of the decline of the big data era, The NOISE INDEX proposes Horizon: a series of computer-generated works functioning as blueprints towards a monument commemorating the apex of the information era.

Horizon welcomes a reflection on the contemporary state of informational hunger, in a time when our perceptive apparatus is deeply mediated by personal computing.


Considering the computer as a finely tuned clock, Horizon functions as a microscope amplifying the infinitesimal errors of the system's highest priority threaded timers on the CPU (Central Processing Unit), in order to visually integrate them into its landscape metaphor. 

Through it's portrayal of a horizontal stillness, Horizon addresses the possibility of a sense of place within our digitally echoing world.